Tag-a-Moment ®

  • Idea

    Idea of Tag-a-Moment was born 2018

  • Programming

    Development startet in 08/2018

  • Build 1.0

    Publication in AppStore 13th May 2019!

  • 1. Award

    6th Nov. 2019 App of the Day 

    Nov. 2019 App of the Month

    voted by an technical blog!

    THANKS for this!

  • June 2020 Build 1.6.0

    Final bug fixing

    App runs very solid now.


    latest Developments:

    Improved Gallery functions

    Digital Zoom

    Hardware Shutter Release

    by +/- buttons

  • 1st Aniversery

    June 30th 2019 the App starts in the AppStore with it's first aquisitions.

Why choosing Tag-a-Moment to organize my pictures?

The annoying and time-consuming sorting of picture falls away completely.

In other photo apps, for example the apple “photo” app, dates are automatic-saved in persons, albums and moments. If you don’t agree with those standards, our app is exactly what you`re searching for. The auto-sort functions are fast-paced, when a picture is completely out of context, so it has no relation to either before or after taken pictures by time or place, creative ideas or important memories and picture notes disappear in the middle of vacation photos, where they probably never be found again or fall into oblivion.

  • Our unique, new App “Tag a Moment” allows you to use your camera as a completely new Tool of Creativity, idea-making and organizing of photos. The clue is, that the whole thing is controlled by voice control (alternatively also by text entry) what IS absolutely unique.